Information and wage inequality: Evidence on wage differences between natives, immigrants and cross-border workers in Luxembourg
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Project supported by the National Research Fund (Luxembourg) (contract C10/LM/785657)

Opportunities for research within InWIn

We encourage research collaboration within the project. Do not hesitate to contact us!

Doctoral or post-doctoral positions

We will consider applications for a doctoral or post-doctoral scholarship to work in the fields covered by InWIn. The position is to be financially supported by the Luxembourg National Research Fund (FNR) under its the AFR - Aides la Formation-Recherche scheme.

PhD candidates must be enrolled in a PhD program at an academic institution of her/his choice (in or outside of Luxembourg), since CEPS/INSTEAD is not an education instituton.

Details on doctoral or post-doctoral opportunities at CEPS/INSTEAD offered by AFR scheme are available on request to Paola Dumet (

Visiting researchers

We invite researchers interested in the topics covered by InWIn to consider visiting us at CEPS/INSTEAD. CEPS/INSTEAD has visiting researchers programmes for organizing short-term or long-term research visits to work on joint research projects with its staff.

Details on visiting researchers opportunities are available on request to Paola Dumet (