Information and wage inequality: Evidence on wage differences between natives, immigrants and cross-border workers in Luxembourg
[ InWIn ]

Project supported by the National Research Fund (Luxembourg) (contract C10/LM/785657)

Researchers involved

InWIn is lead by researchers at CEPS/INSTEAD. Parts of the project are however undertaken in collaboration with external researchers. Collaboration is also established with the Inspection Generale de la Securite Sociale (IGSS) of Luxembourg.


Jacques Brosius (CEPS/INSTEAD)
Nizamul Islam (CEPS/INSTEAD)
Jean-Claude Ray (Uni. Nancy 2 & CEPS/INSTEAD)
Denisa Sologon (CEPS/INSTEAD)
Philippe Van Kerm (CEPS/INSTEAD)
Donald Williams (Kent State University) Raymond Wagener (IGSS, Luxembourg)