Information and wage inequality: Evidence on wage differences between natives, immigrants and cross-border workers in Luxembourg
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Project supported by the National Research Fund (Luxembourg) (contract C10/LM/785657)

Scientific publications

Van Kerm P. & Choe C. & Yu S. (2016), 'Decomposing quantile wage gaps: A conditional likelihood approach' , Journal of the Royal Statistical Society (Series C: Applied Statistics).

Abstract:  The paper develops a parametric variant of the Machado–Mata simulation methodology to examine quantile wage differences between groups of workers, with an application to the wage gap between native and foreign workers in Luxembourg. Relying on conditional-likelihood-based ‘parametric quantile regression’ in place of the standard linear quantile regression is parsimonious and cuts computing time drastically with no loss in the accuracy of marginal quantile simulations in our application. We find that the native worker advantage is a concave function of quantile: the advantage is small (possibly negative) for both low and high quantiles, but it is large for the middle half of the quantile range (between the 20th and 70th native wage percentiles).

Bia M. & Van Kerm P. (2014), 'Space-filling sampling in Stata' , Stata Journal, 14(3), 605-622.

Abstract:   In this article, we describe an implementation of a space-filling locationselection algorithm. The objective is to select a subset from a list of locations so that the spatial coverage of the locations by the selected subset is optimized according to a geometric criterion. Such an algorithm designed for geographical site selection is useful for determining a grid of points that "covers" a data matrix as needed in various nonparametric estimation procedures.

Communication to the general public

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